Believer's Fitness Boot Camp has proven to be results driven with an energetic fitness and fat loss program using Circuit, Tabata and HIIT style of training. Our programs are specifically designed to get you the body that you want in a safe, fun and welcoming atmosphere. Unlike one-on-one personal training, our classes are conducted in a group setting where other like-minded people help to keep you motivated and accountable! 


Coach Falcon


Coach Falcon is the man behind Believer's Fitness Boot Camp. Throughout the years, he has worn many hats, growing Believer's to where it is today. His training style is one that has clients coming back for more, even if they are pushed passed their limits. However, catching him on the turf is not as easy anymore. He has taken a bit of a back seat and now leads the nutrition class. 


Roberto has been involved in the world of fitness since he was s kid. He grew up playing baseball in Venezuela and we consisted of working out and conditioning daily. When he turned 18, he came to the USA on a baseball scholarship. His 4 years of undergraduate education was filled with many coaches and trainers from different teams, backgrounds and fitness philosophies which gave him a wide scope of exposure. He then went on to medical school which taught him the theory part of fitness and exercise. His knowledge of biochemistry, physiology and basics of nutrition give him a deeper understanding about exercise and its benefits both for weight loss and health. Today, he as a doctor and recent graduate, his is still training and working out. Be sure to catch one of his classes in the morning! 


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