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Christy’s Testimonial

Christy Before Christy After
Before After
Coach Falcon showed me how  simple losing weight and living healthy really is!
By my wedding day, I  lost 30 lbs. 8 inches from my waist and 3 pants sizes.Thanks BFB
Dr.Christy Morris-Berry!

Bill’s Testimonial

I have been running for 10 years and started to plateau on my 5K race times. I started doing Coach Falcon’s Boot Camp and in no time I was lowering my times in all my running events- 5K, 5 miler, 10K and half marathon. In that time I decreased my mileage per week and did Bootcamp 3 mornings a week. It has been amazing. I am in the best shape of my life and getting better each day. Thanks Coach! Bill

Kelly’s Testimonial

What do you say about a man that has been your best friend for over 30 years?  I have always respected Howard and valued his opinions, but this last year and a half he has become so much more!I have never been the type of person to workout or go to the gym, just never really needed to or wanted to.  After having my son and then turning 35, I began to notice that my luck had run out and there was definitely a need for me to hit the gym!  Still, I just didn’t have the motivation to do something about the way that I looked.That’s when Coach Falcon came along!  He started hounding me about coming to workout with him and to try this whole ‘BootCamp’ thing.  When I couldn’t procrastinate any longer, I went in to see what his fuss was all about!  Thank God I did!  Today, at 40 years old I am in the best shape of my life.  Coach Falcon inspires me and encourages me to do things that I never dreamed that I could actually do!  I love going to workout; I have fun and I actually feel guilty when I have to miss! I never thought that anyone could motivate me like Coach Falcon has!Thank you, Friend!

Holly’s Testimonial

I have been working out with Coach Falcon for a little over a year.  After trying multiple group classes, gyms and personal workouts, Coach’s Boot Camp technique is what finally made the difference!  Within just a few months I had finally dropped my post pregnancy weight and I was fitting into a size smaller clothes.  Now I am really seeing changes in my shape and muscle tone.  I am excited and motivated to go to Coach’s class, not just for the results, but also for the great friendships and camaraderie that has developed.  Come join us – you have to see it to BELIEVE it!